The Best Way To Detangle Natural Curly Hair For Black Women

The easiest way if you want to detangle all natural hair, whether your hair is in a natural or a straightened state, it’s always best to start off detangling your hair dry while simply using your fingers.

Part your hair in four to six areas and then isolate them with clips in order to keep undesired hair out of the way. Focus on an individual section of hair at one time. Gently take hair at the root, almost like you will be placing it in a ponytail, and work your hand away from roots to tips to be able to try to make much of the hair in the area smooth and heading in the same direction. It is then easier to recognize the knots

Use your fingers or a detangling comb to gently draw back as many hairs from surrounding the center of the tangle. You will realize once you have arrived at the area associated with the tangle, when you won’t be able to eliminate anymore hair while avoiding the risk of breaking the hair.

Tighten the core tangle and move it by just rubbing between your fingertips. This will likely release the actual tangle. For those who can not take out the tangle, leave it for your wet detangling method. To hold any now detangled part out of the way, braid, twist, or pin up as well as away from tangled hair.

When you’re completed detangling all of the hair, try to portion every one section into two smaller sections and loosely braid it so you will have eight to twelve loose braids. This makes it less difficult to rinse without the need of unbraiding and further tangling the head of hair. You should always comb gently from the ends to root.

Black tresses are very curly and it knots almost instantly. One strongly advised recommendation is to always only manage curly hair when ever it’s soaking wet. Whenever the hair is soaked it is much easier to split all the knots. When you simply deal with any knots when the curly hair is drenched you will appreciate that you actually shed far less hair.

However, if the head of hair is free of moisture the locks are likely to create a binding outcome which in turn causes it to mesh up. If it turns out while you are straightening your hair, you find a couple of knots, a good tip is to try to leave all the knots alone till the time you actually are rinsing your hair out.

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