Looking For a New Job While You Have One – Get Two Job Offers and Collect Your Just Rewards

Looking for a new job when you’ve already got one gives you the best chance for success in finding an ideal job. There is no better position to be in than having two job offers, having oferty pracy companies compete for your services. Put yourself in that position and you’re sure to get great offers and maximize your earnings and benefits.

Too Many People Quit While They’re Ahead
Many people count themselves lucky to find a job after conducting a long and fruitless job search. They spend so much time looking that they thoroughly dread the process and stop looking immediately after landing a steady paycheck. The problem with being willing to stay comfortable in one position is it leads both to stagnation – and ultimately – abuse. This is how employees find themselves in the dreadful position of finding out they earn significantly less than the person or people recently hired to do the same work. It is hard to blame them really though considering that no one wants to spend time doing something awful like searching for a new employer.

Employed People Appear More Desirable Than the Unemployed
Looking for a new job doesn’t have to be an awful process though – in fact it can be a tremendous amount of fun. Did you know that once the pressure of getting a steady paycheck is off you’re actually at your most desirable in the eyes of potential new employers? It’s true. When you are relaxed and feeling confident about your present situation people immediately see a difference in you and are attracted to it. That’s your best moment to strike and get two job offers and find out what your services are really worth.

Promotion from Within Now Only a Long Lost Myth
There once was a time in the corporate world where long-tenured employees would be rewarded with promotions and new responsibilities. New management styles and greater access to information has dramatically changed that paradigm however. More than every employers count on their existing workforce to maintain productivity levels – enforcing a de-facto stagnation of employee development. As businesses compete to grow they have no choice but to look to new blood and new talent to create growth opportunities – and it is for this reason that the climbing the corporate ladder paradigm (at least from within your current company) is broken.

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